Expression of interest - Thesis Project at Skärblacka

Writing your Thesis at BillerudKorsnäs is not just about completing your degree, it is also an excellent opportunity for you to get to know us a potential employer and to show us what you are made of. You get to apply your academic knowledge in an exciting environment that challenges conventional packaging for a sustainable future. Eventuell mer info specifik för arbetsort. If we do not have any advertised thesis projects that suits you, you are most welcome to send in your expression of interest. We continuously review the opportunities to receive students within our organisation and will go through your expression of interest and try to match it towards the organisation's needs.

At Skärblacka mill, close to Norrköping, there is a long tradition and broad knowledge of the noble art of papermaking. Cross-functional teams work continuously to improve processes and make the whole chain more efficient. This goes hand in hand with finding new possibilities for paper and new possibilities for our customers to get increasingly smart packaging solutions.At the mill, we develop and produce everything from strong, porous sack paper to fluting and white MG kraft paper adapted for excellent printability. Approximately, 640 of BillerudKorsnäs employees are employed here and the production capacity is around 400 000 ktonnes/year.

Your application:
We want your application to include:

  • Resume (from all students if several)
  • One cover letter
  • Specified areas of interest for a thesis project and/or a proposed idea to investigate further in cooperation together with BillerudKorsnäs.

Applications by email will not be accepted.

Susanne Eriksson, HR.

We look forward to your application!

WHAT IF you could go to work and help create a sustainable future? As a leading supplier of renewable packaging materials and solutions it is our way of challenging ourselves, our customers and all kinds of conventional packaging to promote a sustainable future. Safety is our first priority and we have an informal and improvement-focused corporate culture that encourages every employee to think outside the box, work as a team player, take responsibility and create value. BillerudKorsnäs is an international company with local roots, and with strong focus on growth and development. Do you want to grow together with us and challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future?